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As mortgage brokers, we at Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp. deal with an array of the most recognized mortgage lenders in Canada – from banks to trust companies; from life insurance companies to savings and loans – even private individuals. The Verico brand name is recognized among lenders as a trusted partner; offering quality, reputable service, and a high quality of expertise.

We make it easy

We do our best to make sure your experience with us is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Here are some of the ways Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp. works to make sure your financing needs are taken care of:

  • Some mortgage rates can be guaranteed up to six months.
  • No brokers’ fees on approved credit for owner-occupied purchases or refinances.
  • Up to 95% financing available for approved home-buyers.
  • Best available rates, terms and conditions for our clients.
  • One-stop shopping for first and second mortgages.
  • Personal, professional service.
  • Free parking at our office.

We want you for a customer

See for yourself the many types of mortgages we offer. If one of these services is of interest to you, call Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp. today. We’re eager to add you to our cadre of pleased customers.

At Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp., we offer:

  • Residential mortgages
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Secured home mortgages
  • Genworth insured mortgages
  • Private mortgage financing
  • Refinance to pay out debt
  • Land mortgages
  • All-in-one mortgages
  • Matrix mortgages
  • Scotia Total Equity Plan (STEP) mortgages
  • Business for self home financing
  • Multi-unit mortgages
  • Investor mortgages
  • Free down payment mortgages

Property types:

Single-family residential – While owner-occupied properties generally get the best interest rates, rentals may also get the best interest rates.

Duplex and triplex – Owner-occupied properties generally get the best interest rates, but rentals may get the best interest rates. Rental properties of four units or less may also get the best interest rates.

Vacant land – Generally up to 75% loan-to-value at collateral mortgage rates, which are slightly higher than normal first mortgage rates.

Cottages – Can be insured up to 95% loan-to-value. CMHC/Genworth insured at prime rates.

Commercial and industrial – This term includes store-front, mixed uses, office buildings, manufacturing, warehouses, shopping plazas, etc. Rates may be at or below posted, depending on the strength of the applicant and desirability of the project.

Pre-payment privileges:

  • Most lenders will offer at least 15% pre-payment privileges annually. We have lenders who will offer up to 25% pre-payment privileges annually.
  • In addition to a lump sum pre-payment, it is possible to increase your monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly payments by 10%, 15%, 20%, or 25% per installment with some of our lenders.
  • Some mortgages allow the option to double up your mortgage payments each month.
  • Some mortgages allow you to pay the mortgage off prior to maturity without penalty; others will allow pre-payment with penalty. Still others are closed without pre-payment privileges.

Please contact one of our mortgage professionals at Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp. to arrange a mortgage that best meets your needs.


Our mission is to find you some of the lowest mortgage rates available to you in Canada.

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