Why Choose Us as Your Mortgage Broker in Ottawa?

Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp. is recommended by realtors, financial planners, industry professionals, lawyers, bankers, and previous customers. All of our mortgage professionals are either AMP-certified or working towards this designation, so you can feel confident that you are working with a professional who has met a high standard of ethics and is committed to continuous training.

Focused on your best interests

We offer each client personal and professional service. At Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp. we work for you, not for the lender. We try to negotiate the best possible rates and terms for our clients, making us the mortgage broker Ottawa trusts most. You have peace of mind knowing that we are looking out for your best interest.

You save money

Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp. is constantly in touch with the mortgage market, seeking the lowest rates and best terms for our clients. If we save you .25% over the rate offered by your bank, it can result in more than $2,000 in savings over a five-year term on a $200,000 mortgage.

Seeking the best lender

At Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp., we deal with a number of different banks, institutional mortgage lenders, and private mortgage lenders. We are able to match the lender to your needs, instead of you to the lender’s needs. Our clients usually get what they ask for, not the “flavour of the month” offered by their financial institution.

How we get paid

Most lenders we deal with pay us a "referral fee" for receiving a funded mortgage application. In over 90% of our mortgage transactions arranged, we do not charge our client for our services, but rely on the referral fee paid by the lender. This means that our clients get great rates, great service, and sound advice, all paid for by the lender.

We have connections

Our mortgage professionals know most of the mortgage approval decision-makers on a first name basis. We do not simply hand your application to the mortgage clerk who has to submit the application to a higher level. We start higher up, negotiating directly with the decision-maker on your behalf.

Less work for you

We can make finding a mortgage easier! A person looking for a mortgage can be turned down by three different lenders for three totally different reasons, but may qualify easily with 20 other lenders. If people look for mortgages by themselves and are not discouraged by the first rejection, they still will have to apply anew, providing similar documentation to each subsequent lender to which they apply. Initially applying to Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp. means that a complete file is kept and can be processed to any number of subsequent lenders without the borrower having to re-submit information each time. We can save you a great deal of time and wear and tear on your credit bureau.

You have our good name behind you

If several inquiries appear at the same time, lenders quickly become aware that you are shopping your mortgage application or that you have been turned down several times. Each inquiry also tends to lower your overall credit score. Numerous inquiries will also lower your overall credit score. Verico Lozinski Mortgage Corp. will do a credit check with the credit bureau at the time of application, and most of our lenders will accept our copy of the credit bureau report in lieu of doing their own.


Our mission is to find you some of the lowest mortgage rates available to you in Canada.

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